Yorkshire mum from Naked, Alone show explains how she legally treks nude

MumChrissie Wunna appeared on E4’s Naked Alone and Racing to Get Home on Wednesday night but some viewers were concerned by the contestants walking around nude.

The star, from Doncaster but who now lives in Leeds, reassured fans that everything she was doing was all legal and no rules were broken during the show.

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Taking to Twitter, Chrissie left a comment under an article written about herself. She wrote:

“Oh! We were told that being naked in public wasn’t illegal. We were just warned that no lewd acts could take place..as that could get us arrested, ”followed by a red heart emoji.

The former Playboy model has featured on multiple TV show

A fan responded and tweeted: “That’s good, the voice over highlighted you may get stopped by the police, which was a shame otherwise I really enjoyed your journey.”

To which the former Playboy model replied: “Nudity all the way! It was fun! I loved it. ”

Responding to the article she also commented: I love this! Thank you so much! ”

Indeed, you might be surprised to know that nudity in public is not illegal in the UK.

The guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service states: “At common law it is an offense to do in public any act of a lewd, obscene or disgusting nature which outrages public decency.

“Nudity in public alone with no aggravating features is very unlikely to amount to this (or any other) offense.”

Contestants trekked across the Yorkshire Dales in the first episode of new E4 show Naked, Alone, and Racing to Get Home
Contestants trekked across the Yorkshire Dales in the first episode of new E4 show Naked, Alone, and Racing to Get Home

Throughout the day Chrissie has been sharing fan reactions to her 35.3k Instagram followers and gave viewers the chance to ask questions on her Insta story.

One fan asked: “would you go naked on TV again?” To which she responded: “Yeah! The naked part didn’t bother me at all – the rest of it was much harder. ”

Another asked: “What do you say to the people so shocked and disappointed by the nudity?”

Chrissie is body confident and said the nudity didn’t bother her

The TV personality answered: “It was their shock. To break down a taboo that people have about nudity.

“I think we were all pretty body confident to go on the show fully nude.

“It shows us how judgemental people are.”

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