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Accueil » Tammin Sursok posts nude photo of herself with kids, sparking debate

Tammin Sursok posts nude photo of herself with kids, sparking debate

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An Australian actress has caused a stir online after she shared a cheeky naked photo of herself and two children on a family holiday.

Australian actress Tammin Sursok has divided her Instagram followers after she shared a cheeky nude photo with her two children.

In the image, the former Home And Away star is seen holding her youngest daughter Lennon, 1, while Phoenix, 6, stands by her side.

With their backs facing the camera, the trio look out to the view in front of them.

“Thank you Montana and @yourmontanagetaway for the MOST incredible stay! You stole our hearts and by the looks of it, our clothes, ”she captioned the post.

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The actress, 36, who relocated from Australia to LA in 2006, is currently on a family holiday with her husband Sean McEwen and their girls, in the western US state of Montana.

However, it was another view that caught the attention of some of her 1.3 million followers.

While nearly 100,000 fans have liked the snap, complimenting the mother-of-two for sharing the “sweet” and “beautiful” photo, others described it as “strange” and too “personal”.

“You shouldn’t share these pics… Your little girls without clothes. Internet is full of bad people, ”one person commented.

“Some pictures should just be personal. Love for your family but not out in the world, ”said another.

“No offense, this is a little strange for me,” a third person said, while another added, “It is cute but also kinda weird.”

Tea pretty Little Liars star took the time to respond to some of the positive and negative comments including a follower who’s remark she couldn’t ignore.

“When her son gets her daughter pregnant she will wonder why,” the person wrote, to which Tammin responded, “I don’t have a son. Also… please go talk to someone ”.

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Many stepped in to defend the actress, commending her for teaching her daughters to be “body positive and not body conscious”.

“Gorgeous Tammin! Teaching your girls to be strong and confident, ”one follower wrote with Tammin replying,“ it starts at home! ”.

“Haters gonna hate, and love is gonna love. Can’t stop the haters from feeling the way they feel. So just keep on spreading that LOVE, ”another fan commented.

Tammin agreed saying, “love always wins”. has contacted Tammin for comment.

It’s not the first time an Aussie celebrity has caused a divide after sharing a nude snap.

Last year, former Bachelor Sam Wood caused a stir after sharing a photo of himself walking hand-in-hand with his 18-month-old daughter Willow on a Port Douglas beach.

“Port Douglas you’ve been amazing. See you next time, ”he captioned the image on Instagram, along with two peach emojis.

Despite it being a bit of fun, the post had upset some fellow parents who follow the fitness guru’s page.

“Actually very disappointing… no need for this kind of photo,” one person wrote.

“This is confronting for a Sunday,” another said.

Another raged: “Sam !!! Wtf !!! Noooo. ”

Despite the stir his holiday snap caused, his wife Snezana wasn’t offended judging by her comment.

Using a series of emojis, including a peach, a cheeky monkey and a face palm, it appears the mum-of-three saw the funny side of it, even if some followers couldn’t.

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