Former Strictly Come Dancing and current Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing had revealed he thought his career was over after a nude photo of himself appeared online

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Strictly: Jamie performs couple’s choice in 2020

Jamie Laing has revealed he thought his career was over after a nude photo of himself holding his erect penis went viral online.

The former Strictly Come Dancing and current Made in Chelsea star was messing around with a former flame and snapped a saucy picture in a hotel room.

But the image went viral on Twitter and Jamie, 32, thought the embarrassing faux pas would end his promising TV career.

« I was a few years into Made in Chelsea and my girlfriend at the time had a photo of me holding an erect penis, » recalled Jamie, in a candid interview with Heat magazine.

« It got Tweeted out as a kind of joke when Twitter had really exploded. It was screenshotted and spread like wildfire. And at a time, I thought, ‘That’s it’, I’d been striving to build a career and I thought that was the end of it and I might as well start doing porn. « 

Jamie Laing thought his career was over a naked photo of himself was leaked online

Jamie previously starred in Strictly

Jamie has since recovered from the potentially career-ending gaff, but he is not the first celebrity to be involved in controversy.

Now Jamie is happily settled down with girlfriend Sophie Habboo, who he has dated since 2019.

And the Oxford-born self-proclaimed ladies’ man revealed that getting serious with his Made in Chelsea co-star Sophie changed his outlook on life and relationships.

Jamie and his good pal Spencer Matthews

Jamie is loved-up with girlfriend Sophie Habbo

“It’s funny because for many years I struggle with the idea of ​​monogamy and thought ‘Why would you want to be with one person for the rest of your life?” admitted Jamie.

“I come from a divorced family and I didn’t know if actual true love existed. I’m going to sound cheesy, but when Sophie came into my life, she flipped all that on it’s head.

“You suddenly realized that you are hanging out with your best friend every day and being in love couldn’t be cooler.”

Jamie has been in Made In Chelsea since 2011

Jamie signs copies of his autobiography

Jamie, who starred in Strictly two years ago, joked he would “happily go and live on a desert island with Sophie” and praised his partner for being “better than me in every way”.

The TV personality recently branded himself a “posh and privileged w *** er” and that he was not proud of his numerous cheating scandals on MIC.

He told The Sun: “I was such a plonker in my younger years. If I saw myself back then, I’d say, ‘That guy’s an absolute w *** er « .

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