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Monica Lewinsky: I Was Outraged Over the Nude Photo Leak

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Lewinsky also noted that once upon a time, more than 20 hours of surreptitiously audiotaped « girl talk » between her friend Linda Tripp and herself were published on C-SPAN, and while that’s nowhere near the humiliation that comes with seeing your intimate photos all over the web, there’s still a shared feeling of anger.

« Like so many others, I feel outrage — as a fellow victim, as a civilized individual, and as a woman — when other women are so easily and publicly violated. »

She later continued, « It is immaterial that the recently purloined photos revealed under-dressed celebrities. And, yet, being human we often find ourselves torn between our own right to privacy and our dissolute desires as voyeurs and gossips in an image-and trivia -fueled culture. How much we indulge our inquiring minds is an individual choice. But certainly we can agree that stolen private nudes of actresses (or of anyone, really) is crossing the double yellow line. « 

The FBI is currently investigating who hacked and leaked the naked photos of Lawrence, Upton and many more stars.

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