Kim Kardashian takes fans inside her first SKIMS store in Paris featuring all nude walls & photos of reality star mogul

KIM Kardashian has given her fans an exclusive inside look at her new SKIMS store.

The reality star turned business mogul showed her followers inside the new Paris-based store with an exclusive tour.

Kim modeling in her SKIMS outfit


Kim modeling in her SKIMS outfitCredit: kimkardashian / instagram
The new Paris opening features nude walls


The new Paris opening features nude wallsCredit: Instagram / Tracy Romulus

Kim’s chief marketing officer, Tracy Romulus, took to Instagram to post a series of pictures of the new store.

40-year-old Kim is launching her shapewear brand at the Galeries Lafayette department store in the French capital this Tuesday.

The upmarket French designer store’s official Instagram page posted a plethora of pictures with the caption: « The label created by @kimkardashian settles for 7 days at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. ».

The store features completely nude-colored walls, decked in lingerie, with the word SKIMS engraved in large lettering.

The co-founder of SKIMS, Emma Grede, explained that Kim had big aspirations for the brand from its conception.

She said, « SKIMS was Kim’s idea since she was making her own shapewear back in the day by dyeing it with tea bags to match her skin tone. »

« She had a very clear idea. And I imagine that seeing what I did with Good American made me look like a good and attractive business partner to her – there’s a trust level there. »

« Kim can choose to work with anyone she wants in the whole world, but I really know product. »

Tea Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was previously slammed for posting a series of throwback snaps of HERSELF for National Daughters Day, instead of her two girls.

She captioned the post: « I saw it was National Daughters Day so this post goes out to my mom and my daughters for when they are teenagers. »

Referencing her two daughters, North, eight, and Chicago, three, she joked that she hoped they would be « easy » teenagers to look after.

« North and Chi, please be easy on me when you’re the age I was in these pics – and Mom – I’m sorry, » reality star Kim went on.

« I remember being grounded here for Kourtney stealing your car just to drive it around the block and somehow even though I didn’t participate I still got in trouble!

« So we had nothing else to do but do photo shoots in the garage. It was never me, I just listened to what my older sister said and friends. »

Despite the reference to her own children, fans were left upset that the star failed to post snaps of her daughters on the special day.

Kim wearing her own lingerie on a day out to the beach
Kim wearing her own lingerie on a day out to the beach
Kim shunned her daughter's in her Instagram post
Kim shunned her daughter’s in her Instagram post

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